Leader: Tania Chalhub de Oliveira
Leader: Erica Esch Machado
Year of formation: 2015
REPERCUSSION: Deepening the debate on accessibility in school and non-school spaces for the deaf. Democratization of access and production of knowledge about and for deaf education. Greater understanding of pedagogical practices related to the education of the deaf. Encourage discussions on the use of technologies in the educational practices of the deaf.

Leader: Renata Lira Furtado
Leader: Celineide Rodrigues Cavalcante
Year of formation: 2019 
REPERCUSSION: The group aims to develop research related to Competence in Information (CoInfo) applied to Archivology and the Archivist's profession, considering that these represent an environment of insertion of the precepts of CoInfo, in view of the relevance of the area in the context of information and its representativeness in society and the acquisition of elements that enable the development of skills that will be valid both personally and professionally in relation to the activities performed and that reflect directly on the Archive as a social institution. The consolidation of this research group is the result of the thesis "Information Competence in the archival scenario: a theoretical-applied contribution" (FURTADO, 2019) and research conducted between the years 2015-2018 that resulted in articles and publications in annals of national events and guidance of undergraduate and graduate course completion works.

Leader: Cristian Berrío-Zapata
Leader: Fernando de Assis Rodrigues
Year of formation: 2016
REPERCUSSION: The research group aims to create a critical consciousness within the Information Sciences by empirically identifying the neglect of the problematics of power and conflict in the development of research and training activities in the study of information technology. As a response to this situation, it is proposed to develop research in areas that provide academic and community benefit in terms of contributing knowledge and creating spaces for critical and active training for students in all disciplines related to information, and to create action-research that promotes citizen autonomy, and levels the existing information asymmetries in favor of community well-being and the democratization of the distribution and use of information. The project also seeks to form a cooperative spirit, of effective use of research-based knowledge and theoretical work within an ethical framework, that strives to build a more just, democratic, and egalitarian society.

Leader: Célia Regina Simonetti Barbalho
Leader: Danielly Oliveira Inomata
Year of formation: 2000
REPERCUSSION: Gica seeks to contribute to the strengthening of information management as a strategic resource for the promotion of innovation and the increase of competitiveness of organizations, especially in the Amazonian context, through reflections on the identification of the need, procurement, treatment, distribution and use of internal and external information.

LeaderJosé Almir Rodrigues Pereira
Leader: Aline Christian Pimentel Almeida
Year of formation: 2000
REPERCUSSION: The group carries out research and extension work in topics related to water supply, sewage, storm drainage, solid waste and environmental impact control, with the main objective of meeting the demands of communities and municipalities in the Amazon Region. To this end, technologies are developed and guidelines are established for the planning, design, construction and operation of sanitation systems, always observing the specific environmental characteristics of the Amazon Region in relation to other Brazilian regions. Most of the GPHS actions are carried out in systems and facilities of companies in the region. Among the main works are those carried out in technical cooperation with the Companhia de Saneamento do Pará - COSANPA, which have resulted in: a) alterations in the operational routine of water treatment and sanitary sewage treatment stations; b) recommendations for the construction of collection networks and sewage treatment stations.

Leader: Hamilton Vieira de Oliveira
Leader: João Arlindo dos Santos Neto
Year of formation: 2017
REPERCUSSION: Based on the interaction among its members the group has discussed and produced on: 1) technologies in the mediation of information to users with visual impairment in the university context; 2) libraries and librarians in the educational context; 3) Reading in the context of public and community school libraries; 4 Libraries, library systems, institutional repositories and information systems in higher education; 5) Environmental information in context; and 6) Hosting of private collections of social value by public institutions. These productions are formalized through: a) articles in specialized journals with qualis higher than B1; b) papers in events such as ENANCIB in all its versions from 2018; c) guidance of students of the Master in Information Science ICSA/UFPA and in UFPA; d) promotion of events focused on the theme of environmental information and; e) extension projects formalized in the Faculty of Library Science FABIB/ICSA/UFPA.

Leader: Marise Teles Condurú
Leader: Maria do Socorro Almeida Flores
Year of formation: 2015
REPERCUSSION: The research group develops studies that contribute to the theoretical-methodological reflection of the existing relationship between the institutions of information-producing society, identifying and analyzing the sources of production of information that are pertinent to the process of organization and planning in the area of environmental management. To this end, research has been conducted with a focus on obtaining, accessing, and making available environmental information by information producers, aiming at transparency to support decision making based on the various Public Environmental Policies. Research is also carried out to analyze the quality of information for the development of information systems, as instruments that provide for the sharing of information, given the informational needs of the various organizational environments.

Leader: Sueli Bortolin
Leader: João Arlindo dos Santos Neto
Year of formation: 1998
REPERCUSSION: To develop basic and applied research, teaching and extension, aiming to contribute to the construction and consolidation of the IC area, especially in the scope of the information, mediation and knowledge segment. 1) Research Projects: Oral mediation of information and literature in a digital environment (2018-present); 2) Featured Bibliographic Productions: SANTOS NETO, João Arlindo; ALMEIDA JÚNIOR, Oswaldo Francisco de; BORTOLIN, Sueli (Org.). Perspectivas em mediação no âmbito da Ciência da Informação. São Paulo: Abecin Editora, 2020. BORTOLIN, S.; SANTOS NETO, J. A.; SILVA, R. J. (org.). Oral mediation of information and reading. Londrina: Abecin, 2015. BORTOLIN, S. ; CAVALCANTE, L. F. B. ; SANTOS NETO, J. A. ; ALMEIDA JUNIOR, O. F. Orality, information and literature mediation at school. In: ENANCIB, 16., 2015, João Pessoa. ALMEIDA JÚNIOR, O. F. Mediação da Informação e Múltiplas Linguagens. TPBCI, v. 2, p. 89-103, 2009.

Leader: João Batista Ernesto de Moraes
Leader: Walter Moreira
Year of formation: 2016

Leader: Walter Moreira
Leader: João Batista Ernesto de Moraes
Year of formation: 2019

Leader: Thiago Henrique Bragato Barros
Leader: Rita do Carmo Ferreira Laipelt
Year of formation: 2019
REPERCUSSION: Knowledge organization and representation deal with fundamental areas within Information Science. The processes, procedures, methodologies and approaches find privileged space in the universe of archives and libraries, since, it is through these institutions that Information Science and Organization and Representation are legitimized. In relation to archives, representation and organization are the basis for a change in approach, in organization and access. In the scope of Librarianship - Information Science, the representation and organization of information and knowledge are also recurrent themes. Thus, there has been a development of theoretical and methodological issues related to the thematic treatment of information, especially with regard to ontologies, thesaurus, taxonomies, classification systems, and indexing processes. Methodologically, it works with Linguistics, specifically addressing terminology, semantics, and discourse.

Leader: Franciele Marques Redigolo
Leader: Gilberto Gomes Candido
Year of formation: 2022
REPERCUSSION: The studies developed by this research group are related to the Organization and Representation of Knowledge and Information in different informational environments, whose theoretical approaches, representation processes and procedures, products, knowledge organization instruments and representation policies find privileged space in the universe of Information Units, Since it is through these institutions that CI and the Organization and Representation of Knowledge are legitimized, based on research aimed at the theoretical, conceptual and practical-methodological growth related to TTI and its various aspects, which may be supported by Information Technology.

Leader: Ricardo Cesar Gonçalves Sant'Ana
Leader: Fernando de Assis Rodrigues
Year of formation: 2018
REPERCUSSION: The group already has a large number of publications resulting from the joint work of its members. It organizes, since 2014, an event that brings together HEIs inside and outside the state, occurring concurrently among them and that stands out for its aggregating character, providing space for discussion and dissemination by video and its annals. It is also responsible for the editing of a scientific journal that began in 2015 and is already classified by Qualis. It also organizes, for the purpose of stimulating debate and creating opportunities for research dissemination spaces, the Cycle of Studies Data, Information and Technology ¿ CEDIT, which had, on May 26, 2018, its sixth edition. This event generates not only the opportunity for reflections on research but also allows access to their presentations through GPTAD's YouTube channel that allows the content presented to be widely accessible.